Sledgehammer is a group of talented professionals focused on one ultimate goal – to create and produce hard-hitting creative advertising and websites that get results. We want to write and design ads that make an impact with your customers not your bottom line. How’s that old cliche go…hit ’em right between the eyes? That’s what we are aiming to do every time we sit down to work on a new project. We want to create brands that stand out in the crowd not get lost in it. We want to create advertising that is thought provoking as well as it informs, and we want to create websites that are engaging and leave the visitor with an impression – the right impression – long after they have left the site. We invite you to review some of the work we have done for other clients and who knows, you may be inspired to get in touch and find out more about who we are and what we do. Just in case you do, here’s a quick link to our Contact page.